For no extra charge, a pre-treatment is used before cleaning to loosen stains and high traffic areas for easy removal, and for a small extra charge, stubborn stains and spots, a professional spotter’s kit can be used to remove the most set-in stains.image-1-compressed

Pet Odor and Stain Treatment:

When a pet goes on the carpet, much of the volume can go beneath the carpet into the pad. There are basically 3 different levels of soil for pet accidents. The first is just surface and can be easily steam cleaned. The second is wetting of the carpet pad underneath in which we would inject a chemical designed to remove the urine and smell. The third is going all the way to the sub floor in which we may have to pull back the carpet and pad to treat the sub floor. The ability to remove pet stains can vary depending on the carpet, the amount of time it has been there, and the amount of protector that was on the carpet.