Health Risks of Untreated Floods

Even small amounts of moisture left on carpets and within the structure can lead to dangerous health problems. Treating floods on your own without the proper drying and moisture detection equipment can cause long term health risks caused by mold and mildew infiltration. Express Carpet Flood Technicians are certified by the IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, in the latest structural drying techniques.flooded room

The Flood Restoration Process:

What to expect when technicians arrive.

  1. First the technicians will introduce themselves, and will be easily recognizable by the lettering on the van, and uniforms they wear.
  2. They will then access the amount of the water infiltration by a visual inspection, and an inspection with the latest electronic moisture detection equipment.
  3. At that time measurements are taken, and a written estimate is given to the customer for review and approval.
  4. When approval is given, the technicians will then begin removing the excess water from the carpet and pad. And by using a moisture meter, locate any moisture within the structure, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. At that time, if necessary, they will open small holes in the wall cavities to allow the moisture to escape during the drying process.
  5. When that is done they will place air movers to evaporate the moisture into the air, then place large commercial dehumidifiers that will remove the moisture from the air and pump it into a drain. In some cases the carpet padding will have to be removed, and replaced, to insure proper drying of the sub floor.
  6. The average drying time for a job with carpet and pad is 3-5 days. During that time the tech will return to check on the progress of the drying process. Sometime adjusting the equipment is necessary as the job progresses.
  7. Upon completion of the drying process the tech will return, remove the equipment. Replace any pad that had been removed, reinstall and clean the carpet with the latest cleaning equipment.